Top Trending Products 2019

To inspire you to take action, consider top trending products 2019 that sells. If you have just launched your new store or you need to revamp an existing one, the below products WILL assist you in generating revenue fast.

1. Crystal Water Bottle

Fruit-infused water is no longer the talk of the town, you are likely to see most Instagrammers are sipping water containing healing crystals. However, crystal water bottles having gemstones fixed inside are making your spiritual process more accessible and trendy.

Google Trends shows a big surge in demand for these bottles from September 2018 onwards. These bottles are popular among people who associate themselves with new-age wellness, as well as those who practice.

Because crystals are assumed to be having healing properties, you can sell water bottle featuring crystals provides you with marketing angle. When marketing health products, the key is to have well with product descriptions.

2. At leisure

If you consider fashion, trends will come as well as go. One fashion that trends is at leisure wear. It will continue to rise in demand.

A survey by US-based consumers showed that athleisure is contributing to almost 25% of total apparel industry sales and its market share is expected to grow in 2019 and beyond. Google data trends indicates that the demand is growing for athleisure. athleisure is a fashionable clothing workout which doubles every day.

In this niche, you can sell everything from sports bras and yoga pants to headbands and sneakers, all in countless colors and styles. Young females will be your target market for athleisure. You will easily reach out to them through Instagram. You can use hashtags such as #workout fashion for example.

You need to be working with fitness influencer in order to grow your business. Influencers are capable of modeling your product. They will also give your store a shout-out for a commission of sales or a free sample.

3. Posture Corrector

With the new research on how sitting all day is harming your back, you should not wait for a better time to buy the best posture correctors. They’re especially a hit in countries with an aging population.

Worldwide Office workers are becoming interested in mobility products since improved posture can boost your productivity and happiness. Google Trends reveals that searches related to posture correctors are surging. As the name suggests, posture correctors are capable of supporting the spine thus reducing pressure and stress on your back during physical activity.

People who are suffering from pain in the neck, shoulder, and back can greatly benefit from their use. Perhaps the easiest way to get sales with this product is to market to specific groups of people.

You need to create personas for most buyers like seniors, homemaker, and office workers then, you can also run ads which conveys the specific advantages for owning a posture corrector within each group.


Integrate these products into your new and existing online shopping business or use them as inspiration to self-produce items that people can get excited about. Ensure you get a Shopify theme which is good before adding items to your online store


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